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"Kelsea has been teaching me since I was 11 years old and I am so thankful for everything she has taught me. She is a wonderful teacher who has helped me improve so much in my violin playing. She is a great listener and has always pushed me to try my hardest. I couldn't ask for a better teacher." 
 - Kadence, age 15

"I like playing violin with Kelsea because it's fun and I can become a famous violinist from practicing a lot with her"
 - Olivia, age 5

"Its fun playing violin with Kelsea because she listens to me play and helps me when I get something wrong" 
 - Rachel, age 7

Kelsea is a gifted musician also with the ability to be an insightful instructor, which often doesn't happen together. She has been able to give me a foundation to play in a way that makes sense and to inspire and encourage an older beginner student. After spending 15 minutes with her I was able to understand how my body can work to play more efficiently and with less muscle strain. She made me videos that were clear and helpful to reinforce what she taught me. Being in a lesson with her leaves me feeling inspired and validated. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to find the joy in their fiddle! 

- Leslie, age 63

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